"Time of New Opportunities". Interview with Alex Boiko

2022 was challenging for all businesses, but we turned all challenges into growth opportunities. Two new brands, an Estonian license, a fresh brand identity, and significant revenue growth — it’s all about our 2022 results. 

We have started the year redesigning our brand logo, website, tagline, and merch. The new identity perfectly matches our work approach — dynamic, clear, precise, and flexible. This upgrade was a great starting point for us to increase the brand's visual presence, presenting ourselves outstanding affiliate program with excellent benefits and features.

During this year, the company has made several outstanding breakthroughs for our partners especially seeing as the overall payout estimate (including payouts for affiliate partners) shows an increase of 120%. The second and third quarters of the year have been particularly successful, as the company reported an 83% growth in revenue. Also thanks to such a major sporting event as the 2022 FIFA World Cup, company experts expect a revenue growth of 120% by the end of 2022. 

The launch of Posido was one of the breakthrough moments. It is our first brand with an Estonian Licence. Posido is a vibrant greek-themed online casino with an amazing user-friendly design, unique art, and engaging gamification. The second big update was the AmunRa brand. It’s an incredible Ancient Egypt narrative online casino that provides players with mind-blowing art and improved gamification. AmunRa offers players an extended Bonus Shop, Collectible temples with Egyptian mythological creatures, and even more gamification. 

It was an intense year for our team, and we achieved great results. Now we are looking forward to the new year's big plans. Stay tuned, and we will share it soon. See you at IGB affiliates in London, Affiliate World Dubai, SiGMA in 2023!

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