247Partners: vibrant brands and affiliate insights

Question: In the highly-competitive iGaming market, it is important for companies to offer outstanding products and services to succeed. Could you tell us a bit about how 247Partners and its offerings stand out from their competition, Alex?

Certainly! 247Partners has always placed a premium on innovation and delivering exceptional value to both our partners and end-users. One of the key differentiators for us is our portfolio of five unique brands. These brands are hosted on one of the industry’s most cutting-edge tech platforms, ensuring seamless user experience and top-tier performance. Furthermore, we understand that the iGaming industry and our partners’ needs are diverse. This is why we offer a full suite of different work models to cater to varied business requirements and strategies. This flexibility, combined with our cutting-edge platform, positions 247Partners ahead of the competition and demonstrates our commitment to excellence in the iGaming industry.

Question: 247Partners represents 5 high-quality casino brands. Could you briefly introduce them to our audience, and tell us about some of the key factors that distinguish them from one another?

247Partners proudly represents a diverse portfolio of high-quality casino brands that cater to various interests and demographics.

  • AmunRa: This is an Egypt-themed casino and sports betting platform. Drawing inspiration from the rich history and mystique of ancient Egypt, it offers players a unique gaming atmosphere filled with thematic graphics, sounds, and promotions.
  • 5gringos: As the name suggests, 5gringos transports players to the lively world of Mexico. With vibrant colors, festive vibes, and a rich assortment of games, it’s a perfect choice for those looking to experience the warmth and enthusiasm of Mexican culture.
  • Sportaza: This brand is primarily focused on sports betting, catering to enthusiasts who follow various sports and events globally. With real-time updates, a wide range of betting options, and user-friendly interfaces, it ensures an optimal betting experience.
  • Posido: Unique in its own right, Posido operates with an Estonian license. This ensures a high level of trust and compliance for our players from regions where the Estonian licensing is significant. The games and offerings are tailored to match the preferences of the Estonian market and its international admirers.
  • 7signs: A pure casino delight, 7signs offers a wide variety of games, promotions, and bonuses. Its clean and intuitive design ensures players can easily find and engage with their favorite games.

While all our brands maintain the benchmark of quality and user experience that 247Partners is known for, each has its distinct theme, offerings, and targeted audience. This diversity ensures we cater to a broad spectrum of player preferences and stand out in the competitive iGaming landscape.

Question: 247Partners accepts traffic from a wide variety of sources, including email, SEO, and streaming. In your experience, which type has been the most effective for the company’s growth, Alex?

Certainly! At 247Partners, we pride ourselves on the diverse array of traffic sources we integrate, each catering to different aspects of our growth strategy.

If we’re discussing quality, Google ads and SEO have consistently been top performers. These channels have been effective for ages in driving high-intent users to our platforms. The organic nature of SEO ensures long-term sustainability, while Google ads offer precision targeting, attracting players who are genuinely interested in our offerings.

On the other hand, when it comes to sheer volume, Facebook ads and streaming stand out. Facebook’s vast user base and advanced targeting capabilities allow us to reach a broad audience, while streaming offers a dynamic and interactive way to engage potential players, providing live experiences and real-time demonstrations of our brands.

Both dimensions - quality and volume - are crucial for our comprehensive growth approach. While SEO and Google ads ensure a steady influx of committed players, channels like Facebook ads and streaming amplify our reach, enhancing brand visibility and user acquisition.

Question: As the Head of Affiliates at 247Partners, what do you look for in prospecting affiliates? What do you think is an important part of achieving success in an affiliate-operator relationship?

Great question! In my role as the Head of Affiliates at 247Partners, selecting the right affiliates is crucial to ensure sustained growth and mutual success.

  • Transparency: This is at the forefront of what we seek. An open and honest channel of communication is vital. We value affiliates who provide clear insights into their traffic sources, strategies, and results. This transparency lays the foundation for trust and long-term collaboration.
  • Experience: The iGaming industry is complex and ever-evolving. Affiliates with a proven track record demonstrate an understanding of the market dynamics, which often translates into better campaign performance and user acquisition.
  • Knowledge: Beyond just experience, having a deep knowledge of the industry, audience preferences, and effective marketing tactics ensures that our affiliates can adapt and innovate as the landscape changes.
  • Connections: In such a competitive industry, having the right connections can expedite processes, open new avenues for collaboration, and ensure the brand reaches the right audience.
  • Team Management: The quality of managers within an affiliate’s team is also crucial. Great managers ensure smooth operations, effective communication, and consistent delivery of commitments.

For an affiliate-operator relationship to thrive, mutual respect and understanding are vital. While the attributes I mentioned are essential, the underpinning element is always a partnership. Both sides should view each other as allies, working towards a shared goal. This means regular communication, understanding each other’s challenges, and celebrating successes together. At 247Partners, we believe that when our affiliates succeed, we succeed, and this collaborative spirit is what drives our affiliate relationships forward.

Question: With the expanding prevalence of fraudulent and malicious affiliates in the iGaming industry, has 247Partners ever had to deal with such firms? What is the company’s strategy for protecting itself against various forms of affiliate fraud?

Indeed, the rise of fraudulent and malicious affiliates is a concerning trend in the iGaming industry. At 247Partners, we have not been immune to these challenges. While we’ve encountered such entities in the past, our proactive measures have ensured minimal impact on our operations.

Our primary defense against affiliate fraud is our brand’s platform’s state-of-the-art detection solution, which we played a pivotal role in developing. Before its implementation, a significant amount of time and resources were required to manually detect and manage such fraudulent activities. Recognising the inefficiency and potential risks, we shifted our focus from merely detecting these activities to automating the detection process.

Thanks to this proactive decision, our current system can identify suspicious activities instantly. This not only shields us from potential harm but also allows our team to allocate their time and effort to more productive tasks rather than being bogged down by the constant threat of fraud.

In essence, 247Partners’ strategy against affiliate fraud is a combination of cutting-edge technology and a forward-thinking approach. By automating the detection process, we’ve positioned ourselves a step ahead of malicious entities and safeguarded the integrity of our operations.

Question: To close off our interview, let’s get a bit off-topic. If you weren’t in the iGaming industry, which sector do you think you would be working in, Alex? Additionally, do you have any hobbies you would like to share with our readers?

That’s an interesting question! If I weren’t in the iGaming industry, I’d see myself in the auto industry. I’ve always been fascinated by the intricate engineering, innovation, and design that goes into automobiles. The way the auto industry constantly evolves with technology and consumer needs mirrors the dynamism I’ve experienced in iGaming.

As for hobbies, apart from a keen interest in cars and their mechanics, I enjoy traveling and exploring different cultures. There’s something profoundly enriching about experiencing new places, foods, and traditions. Additionally, I find reading and hiking to be therapeutic; they provide a perfect balance to the fast-paced environment of the iGaming world. Whether it’s getting lost in a good book or exploring nature trails, both activities give me a chance to rejuvenate and gain fresh perspectives.

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